Keep spam in the kitchen, not inboxes.

Did you know there are laws governing some email marketing practices? You don't want to end up in Do you?

Email marketing is as old as email itself, but like social media, the technology, standards, and best practices are always changing.


Should you send marketing emails from your business email or should you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp?


When and how often should I send marketing emails? How should I manage my email marketing list? Are my emails going to inboxes or junk mail folders or are spam filters getting rid of them altogether? Are people clicking on my emails? Are they clicking on links in my emails? Do my customers appreciate my emails or am I just being annoying? Did you know there are laws governing some email marketing practices? PS: SPAM JAIL!!!!!! Isn’t a real thing. At least, not in America…yet.


Common tasks:

  • Creating and managing email list signup forms

  • Removing or updating old emails


  • Designing graphics and editing/optimizing pictures for each email


  • Creating an email marketing schedule that works best for your business and your customers


  • Using analytics to track bounces (rejected emails), opens, clicks, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions. Email analytics can even be connected with social media analytics and website analytics to enable you to get a comprehensive, holistic view of the online activity surrounding your business